The Art of Solo Traveling

Sometimes exploring a new town, city or country on your own can be at the same time, the most exhilarating and peaceful life-changing experience. Rather than worrying about compromising on the interest of the party you’re travelling with, people with solo-travel goals can indulge completely on themselves and create their own itinerary for next […]

How to Travel Smart

The world is a beautiful blend of different people, cultures and mesmerizing places. To see and explore it is a dream and when it comes to traveling, we all have different goals. Some might want to experience the art and romance of Paris or an island-hopping excursion followed by a Zen-inspired spa day in […]

Keeping the Sportsmanship Alive

Just because we get older, it doesn’t mean we have to settle for what we already have when, in actuality, we have ambitions for more. For example, some athletes past the age of 40 have defied the belief of settling and have chosen to stay in the game beyond the norms set by society. […]

Linkagoal Highlights: 10 Awesome #itsnevertoolate Goals

Sometimes we need a little push from our friends, family or other support networks to dive in and start paving our way to reaching our goals. With the support of others, we can bring positive changes into our lives, whether our aspirations are to continue our education, donate to those in need, or simply […]

Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Break the Midlife Crisis Belief

Ever had the following thoughts: What if my business doesn’t work out? What if I fail and lose my current job stability? How do I compete with new graduates with fresh ideas in the market? Whether you’re going through a midlife or even a quarter-life crisis, these concerns may creep up and hinder you […]

5 Celebs Who Had Late-in-life Career Starts

Was there ever a time when you finally had the inspiration to try something new and big but didn’t pursue it because you thought your dreaming days were over? We’ve all at one point in our lives have either delayed chasing our goals or put off the idea completely, but that notion doesn’t ring […]

7 Apps to Help you in your Job Search

Some of you have already graduated from college this year and the rest of you are just about to wrap up your last exams to finally throw your cap in the air as you celebrate the end of your academic journey. But after the short-lived celebrations comes the inevitable job search that creeps up and […]

5 Apps to Turn Travel Dreams into a Reality

Many are dreaming of a trip to the Bahamas or backpacking solo through Europe, and while choosing a travel destination is half the battle, planning the actual trip is where we tend to get lost along the way and sometimes even scrap the idea altogether.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of apps that can assist […]

One of the best iPhone Apps of the week!

TIME has selected Linkagoal as one of the best iPhone apps this week!
Google Calendar, VOX Player and more are our favorite iPhone apps of the week.
Linkagoal describes itself as a “goal-based social network,” letting you post all sorts of personal aspirations so people can cheer you on and help keep you motivated. But the flip […]

Celebrate Earth Day every day with these must-have green apps

What better way to embrace Earth Day by bringing more green into your life with environmentally conscious apps? Whether your goal is simply to recycle more or conserve water, here are a few apps that will make going green a breeze:

Dropcountr hooks up to your utility account, allowing you to monitor your daily water usage. Rather […]