Setting Weight Loss Goals

Weight Loss Goals is something that is on our minds all the time because as someone rightly said, ‘one of the most difficult things to do in our life is to lose weight.’ If you follow a strict diet and exercise plan, you can lose weight before you know it. The best plans are the […]

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5 Steps to how to Shop Online

5 Steps to how to Shop Online – Love the way
On daily basis we get to see many people creating goals, some create goals for their personal grooming and others to grow professionally. We get to see how people interact and help one another achieve goals, and connect with similar goals.

Recently a goal was made […]

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Setting weight loss goals

Losing weight can be an extremely challenging thing to do. A lot of people who go on a diet start out very strong but somewhere down the line they give up and many actually end up gaining weight instead of losing it. It takes a lot of hard work, determination and will power to […]

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How to get a job of your dreams!

Job of your Dreams – Every single person dream in the world

A couple of years back; I was a part of a team that trained students appearing for competitive exams. We also had to conduct mock personal interviews and mock group discussions to prepare them for a career. And it was at this time […]

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How to Achieve Your Financial Goals (for Young Professionals)

As a young professional, I believe that this phase in our lives is one of the most important when it comes to financial Goals planning. Unfortunately, individuals like me, who are not educated on financial Goals topics and the likewise, tend to overlook this fact until the time comes that we’re already financially burdened […]

How to know yourself before setting goals

Goals are of vital importance for everyone. They need to be set wisely as they are the only force that can drive a person in any direction with commitment to make them realistic. The traditional way to set goals make people obsessed that how to know yourself ? It also makes people more concerned […]

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Tips to Setting a Goal and Keep it simple

It is important for every individual aspiring to be successful to know the key elements on how to set and keep goals. When you setting a goals it gives you a choice on how you want your life to move through. In other cases you may even find that some achievements are taking a […]

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How to Make Achievable Career Goals

You set Career goals and then strategize a plan on achieving your goal. Every time one needs to keep track on the  career goals he has set and determine whether he is moving closer to them or away from them. When we are setting our goals we need to bring our future to the […]

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My List of Goals – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

My list of Goals for the month of September is compiled as before, keeping one simple question in mind; will accomplishing these goals help me in creating memories, that I could recall fondly over a cup of tea 10-20 years from now.

The following following goals (apart from being able to fulfill my personal criteria) […]

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Managing your money as a student?

An effective way to manage your money as a student is to set financial goals. For the purpose of this article, I will take ‘financial goal’ to mean any goal or aim to do with managing your finances as a student. But what financial goals can you set, especially during the stressful years of […]