7 Apps to Help you in your Job Search

Some of you have already graduated from college this year and the rest of you are just about to wrap up your last exams to finally throw your cap in the air as you celebrate the end of your academic journey. But after the short-lived celebrations comes the inevitable job search that creeps up and […]

5 Apps to Turn Travel Dreams into a Reality

Many are dreaming of a trip to the Bahamas or backpacking solo through Europe, and while choosing a travel destination is half the battle, planning the actual trip is where we tend to get lost along the way and sometimes even scrap the idea altogether.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of apps that can assist […]

One of the best iPhone Apps of the week!

TIME has selected Linkagoal as one of the best iPhone apps this week!
Google Calendar, VOX Player and more are our favorite iPhone apps of the week.
Linkagoal describes itself as a “goal-based social network,” letting you post all sorts of personal aspirations so people can cheer you on and help keep you motivated. But the flip […]

Celebrate Earth Day every day with these must-have green apps

What better way to embrace Earth Day by bringing more green into your life with environmentally conscious apps? Whether your goal is simply to recycle more or conserve water, here are a few apps that will make going green a breeze:

Dropcountr hooks up to your utility account, allowing you to monitor your daily water usage. Rather […]

6 Apps to Help you Reach your Fitness Goals

As we start ramping up to summer with all activities from going to the beach, traveling and attending music festivals with goals to get fit, we all can benefit from easy to access resources and tips with just a tap of our fingertips.This list of apps from personal training, curated workouts including aerobics and […]

Set goals and connect on the go- The Linkagoal app is finally here!

New “Life Coach in Your Pocket” Mobile App Helps Crowdsource Goals and Inspiration
Goal-based social network, Linkagoal, goes mobile allowing users to set goals, connect, share progress and crowdsource support on the go
Sunnyvale, CA—April 15, 2015—Linkagoal, a global, goal-based social network, is changing the way we set goals and how we reach them. Whether it’s […]

[INFOGRAPHIC] YouGov + Linkagoal Survey: Despite Optimism, Most Are Doomed Not to Reach 2015 Goals

Survey predicts more than 70% of goal-setters will fail to reach their goals this year
The New Year is synonymous with setting resolutions and goals. Whether we pledge to adopt better habits to eat healthier, exercise, save money, take a trip or get a promotion at work, most of us are highly unlikely to ever […]

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Top Hiking Tips for Beginners

You don’t have to be an experienced hiker to get away from the fast pace of the city and enjoy the great outdoors, but you can benefit from some tips to have a safe, convenient and enjoyable hike.

1)       Stay hydrated –Staying hydrated is important as you may be walking for hours at a time in the […]

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Ditch the over-rated Valentine’s Day activities and try these alternatives instead

When love is in the air, a box of chocolate, bouquet of roses or candlelit dinners almost always warms the heart. But, when the next Valentine’s Day rolls around again, you start asking: “What can I do different this Valentine’s Day?”

Break out of the Valentine’s Day slump, and the usual traditional activities we partake […]

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4 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts for Anyone You Love

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about celebrating a romantic relationship. You can spread the love to anyone who touches your heart and puts a smile on your face. Here are some easy, creative (and cheap!) Do-It-Yourself gift ideas that you can give to people you love or appreciate.

1) Serve heart-shaped foods









Hearts are synonymous […]

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