10 Amazing Halloween Costume Goals on Linkagoal!

While there are some people who are still confused about what to be on Halloween this year…

… there are others who have some amazing costume plans & have already created their goals on Linkagoal.
1- V for Vendetta
“Remember, remember the 5th of November!” Okay, so hands down, this is the coolest Halloween costume ever! And best thing about […]

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What is the World Goaling?

Linkagoal is a unique social site; it’s a goal based social network where people worldwide can form and strengthen the habit of writing goals, achieving goals, sharing goals, and helping and collaborating with other people do similar goals. We believe that a goal, which is written, has a higher chance of becoming a reality; written goals […]

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Setting Weight Loss Goals – Are You Ready To Shed Real Pounds?

Weight loss is one of the biggest industries and markets in today’s world. More and more people are grappling with weight problems that result to obesity and other life-threatening health conditions. Thus, setting weight loss goals is a no-brainer and must be prioritized at all cost. Although there is an overflow of diet plans […]

Doing Your Best: Knowing What Some Career Goals and Objectives Are

Career Goals and Objectives – Samples and Examples
One thing most people can agree on is the fact that they want to succeed in life. Though success may be measured in many different ways, we all seek out a general upgrade in many areas and aspects in our daily routine. Whether it’s succeeding in a […]

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How to Formulate Realistic Short Term Career Goals

Short term career goals are plans you have for your career development and that you would want to achieve soon enough. Most people who are successful in this lifetime will tell how important it is to have goals. Before setting long-term goals it is appropriate to set short-term career aims. This is will be […]

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Important Factors in Buying a New Home Checklist

Buying a New Home Checklist –  Important factors and great feeling when you’re finally able to buy a new home for you and your family. With so many options and so many places to look, it can be overwhelming. Buying a new home is not only a great way to set responsibility in your […]

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Halloween Ideas 2014 Planning and Delegations

Halloween Ideas 2014 - Are you Ready?
Halloween eve is at hand and many party people have a common goal for this month, and that would be planning a successful Halloween event. Definitely, who would want to miss this costume-rich activity, which happens only once a year? Surely, you won’t; this has been a tradition for […]

Meeting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

Realistic Weight Loss Goals – Per Week, Month or Year
One common area that many people agree they would like to change is their weight. With such a large focus on appearance, more and more people are making significant reductions in their food intake and beginning to exercise more. While exercising and diet can make the […]

Full Moon Party Koh Phangan 2014 , Thailand

Awaited upcoming 4th annual Full Moon Party Koh Phangan 2014 Festival, set to take over Governor’s Island on August 8, has taken to Instagram to share the announcement of the first round of performers for their upcoming beach-themed mini-festival, which takes its inspiration from the full moon parties of Thailand, set beneath an August full […]

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How to Celebrate Christopher Columbus Day 2014 (without regrets)

How to celebrate Christopher Columbus Day 2014  (without regrets)

Celebrated within the first two weeks of October since 1937, Columbus Day is one of the most controversial federal holidays in the United States. At least a good half of its population, in fact, considers its recurrence as the celebration of the European conquest of the “New […]